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Image by Marissa Grootes.



NOTO - Latin

note, observe, distinguish by a mark, write, record

LUX - Latin

light, shine, daylight, brightness

Someone holding a plant.

NOTOLUX to me means our stories are worth shining a light on. They are worthy of being seen, if only for our own eyes. It means we have the power to create worlds, to heal, to reflect. 

NOTOLUX is dedicated to creating a space of profound self-acceptance and creative expression that allows us to tell our individual stories. 

Here, we value learning. Learning that is life-long as we continuously discover more about ourselves and the world. 

We advocate for autism acceptance, for all diversity, and for our collective mental health. The world does better when it's people are better. When each of us are given the space to tell our stories and feel heard.

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