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A Reading Log Collection for Your Journal

Like many I’ve gone through periods of my life where I read one book after another or I don’t read anything for three months straight. Since I’m always looking for ways to incorporate my journal practice into my life as it helps me set and complete goals, I decided to add a reading log.

Photo of a reading log for a journal.

This is a simple spread that’s easy to set up. All I do is write the title, the day I created the collection (though I’m slowly moving this out), and I leave a place to mark when I started and finished the book.

Then after, or sometimes during, a reading session I’ll make notes in the journal. I’ve done this in the past, but with sticky notes. It’s my way of annotating a book. However, recently, my sister has also wanted to read the same books and I leave way too many personal notes to just pass it over to her without any second thoughts. Thus: journal notes.

I’ve used this spread for the last three books I’ve read and I absolutely love it. I enjoy recording my reactions and feelings towards a book. It also helps when I go to write a book review as I have at least a page, if not more, of notes to refer back to.

Would you use this spread in your journal? Or do you have another system you use, if you use one at all?


Coming Soon

Journaling is a life-changing practice and many compare it to free therapy. It allows us to self-reflect and expand our awareness of ourselves and the world around us. I recommend starting a journal to almost everyone as its uses are as unique as the user.

Need a place to plan your daily tasks or schedule long term goals? Improve your mental health and wellbeing? Connect with your authentic self? A journal gives you the space to do all of this and more.

Want to start a dotted journal of your very own? Explore the NOTOLUX journal shop (coming soon) and pick from a selection of beautiful hardcover designs.

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