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Fandom and Crossover Theories: Special Interest Week, Day 6

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Prompt: A Special Interest You Share With Someone

Old typewriter on a vintage desk.

I'm not sure I share a special interest with someone, but I know I share hyperfixations with my sister.

We were both hooked on Wednesday when that released and binged it in two days. I also got her hooked on 9-1-1 on Disney+ and Coroner on Netflix. We both enjoy our TV crime dramas like Law and Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, and more. We both love the MCU and enjoy watching the movies and shows together (and reading too much fanfiction).

We have discussed what some crossovers and what they would be like. Like the MCU with Criminal Minds and who would get a long with who. I think Shuri and Spender would be Smart-Bros together. Rossi and Stark are like the exasperated dads. Rogers gets stuck with Garcia and just doesn't know what to do, meanwhile her and Bucky are putting colourful stickers on his arm.

You know what, I'm just going to run with this and write some crossover fan theories because I can.

I read a short fanfic where Criminal Minds goes to London and they have their own "resident genius" who is like Sherlock Holmes younger sister and Reid is very intrigued.

Or like SVU has to work with the BAU to catch a serial killer and Benson is the first authority figure Prentiss doesn't argue with and they like actually get along. Carisi tries to get Hotch to stop being so stoic and Rollins and Morgan are stifling laughs behind them because they know it's a futile attempt.

Reid goes on a rant and someone whispers to JJ, "Is he always like this?" and she can only nod her head, defeated, like "yep, yes he is." No one in the BAU knows what to make of Barba until he cracks out some witty remark or they see him in court and let me just tell you they are very impressed. Reid wishes Barba could have represented him when he was falsely accused for murder. It's revealed that Barba and Gideon know each other but over something completely innocuous and not at all related to their professions like bird watching.

Gosh, the possibilities are endless and it'd be downright hilarious!

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