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Ghost Whisperer Show Review

Ghost Whisperer aired from 2005-2010 with a total of five seasons. I would have been between the ages of six and eleven. My sister and I would come home from school and finish watching the last ten minutes of The Young and The Restless with my Mom and then change the channel at 4pm to watch Ghost Whisperer.

I decided to re-watch the show solely for nostalgic purposes. It was one of my favourite show’s when I was a kid, and now, as an adult, it still is.

Screenshot from Ghost Whisperer with Melinda, Jim, and Delia.

Show Summary

“A young woman, caught between the dead and the living, helps the dead resolve unfinished business with the living,” (IMDB).

Melinda Gordon

Since I was young I have adored this character and its actress: Jennifer Love Hewitt. I even named by first Build-A-Bear Melinda.

The interesting thing about watching this show again, however, is that I now have the lens of my autism. I think I resonated so much with Melinda’s character because she was different, different in a way she couldn’t change. People would often call her crazy and she faced a lot of ridicule from those that initially didn’t believe she saw ghosts. Now, I couldn’t put it into words back then, but I knew I was different too.

Relationship Goals

When I first began this re-watch I noted how much I loved Jim and Melinda’s relationship. The show starts with them getting married, they are already in a strong, healthy relationship.

And Jim is so good and so supportive of Melinda and her gift. He doesn’t just “put up with it,” nor does he think she’s a burden. Jim believed her from the beginning. He’s an anchor for her and I loved watching them together.

The second thing I realized was how my own characters in my stories are often already in established relationships, there is a history between them, or they start dating fairly quickly.

I contribute this to Jim and Melinda’s relationship making such an impression on me when I was all of six years old. Unbeknownst to me, I think I have been subconsciously trying to recreate their loving relationship in my own stories. My more recent WIP (work in progress) focuses on an Autistic FMC (female main character) who is already married to the main MMC (male main character). They solve homicide cases together.

Screenshot from Ghost Whisperer with Melinda, Jim, and Rick Payne.

Ghost Whisperer's Good and Chaotic Companions

I could not do a proper review of this amazing show without mentioning Melinda’s friends. Andrea, played by Aisha Tyler, appears in the first season, but leaves the show at the beginning of the second season. Andrea is similar to Jim in her support.

So, when Delia Banks, played by Camryn Manheim, joins in season two and is much more skeptical of Melinda’s gift it was a bit surprising. I honestly didn’t remember her being so against it. The funny thing is that Ned, her son, is all for it and actually finds out about ghosts before his mother.

Now for Professor Rick Payne, played by Jay Mohr, he is such a chaotic character. He brings that comic relief and witty banter to the show that I absolutely adore. I was genuinely sad when he left at the end of season three after becoming a series regular for the same season.

Good news, Dr. Eli James, played by Jamie Kennedy, takes his place and is just as chaotic. Replacing characters like this usually bothers me, but somehow I didn’t mind. The one recast that didn’t bother me was Ned. They aged him up in season three to “explore more mature plot lines.”

Side note: what happened in season four with Jim anyway, like why did they have to do that whole Jim/Sam situation?? It was annoying and unnecessary.

Final Thoughts

The good thing is there is no cliffhanger ending. They did manage to wrap up the majority of the plot lines by the end of season five (as the show neared its end, I was worried it would be a cliffhanger so I had to google it in advance).

Ghost Whisperer also isn’t nearly as scary as I remember, but it was much more emotional. I don’t know how many episodes I cried through. All in all, I loved this show as a kid and I still love it today.

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