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If Money Wasn’t a Problem

If money, suddenly, wasn’t a problem, how would my life be different? What would my day look like? How would I spend my time? It’s a popular question. One that typically proves people would still be willing to work and do things they are passionate about.

Here’s my answer to this question:

The first thing I would want to do is buy and build a tiny home.

One of my special interests is interior design, specifically for small spaces. I remember I became a little obsessed with Apartment Therapy and studio apartment tours on youtube. I even had an interior design program on my very first laptop (back when you had to download the program from a disc and could only use it once).

Anyway, tiny homes. Not only do I love them and how creative you have to be to maximize the space, practically speaking it’s all I’ll ever be able to afford. Even if money were no object, I’d still want a tiny home. It would be less to clean, it’ll have exactly what I need and nothing more, and I wouldn’t have to worry about ever entertaining guests.

The second thing I would do is start writing fiction again.

I might not quit my work as a business owner, but I would definitely dedicate more time to writing and less time to social media marketing. Also, I’d write more on my typewriter because I would be living in my tiny home and wouldn’t be bothering anyone with the noise.

Thirdly, I would buy all the books on my TBR and make sure my tiny home accommodated a personal library (the only downside to living small is where I’d be able to put all my books!).

I would want to just go to the bookstore and grab so many books off the shelves. It’d be a blast. I’d be in my glory. I’ve only done this once before when I bought eight books at one time and carried the stack gleefully to the checkout counter. I usually only leave the store with a singular book or two–because Canadian book prices. #iykyk

I’d probably get another cat too.

I would require furbabies in my tiny home to make sure my mental health doesn’t plummet. Seriously, before my sister and I got Darcy, I had to go back home at least once a week for furbaby snuggles because I would not be well otherwise. I’ve always had pets, usually cats, around from the day I was born, so without them it gets rather lonely.

Practically, I’d also need a car.

If money weren’t a problem anymore I think my sister and I would easily agree we’d be ditching our current car. It’s 16 years old, starting to rust, and…well, it’s our first car. I’d definitely want a new one, something that could handle our Canadian winters a bit better and not get stuck in the snow all the time.

This is my dream life. A tiny home with everything I need and nothing more, and the freedom to write to my heart’s content.

I’ve always strived for a simple life. I’ve never wanted a huge house (unless it’s something cool like a castle). A fancy car would be great, but only if I moved to a country without all four seasons. A lot of people would travel and while I think it would be nice, I loathe actually travelling. The chaos of airports, the unknowns of a new country/city, and the cultural differences. My autistic brain could not.

One other thing I would like to do is help invest in a tiny home project in my hometown. Currently, it’s not exactly legal to live in a tiny home in my city, at least all year round. But there is an initiative trying to get off the ground.

A community of tiny homes built within an already thriving community with almost everything you would need in walking distance? Sounds pretty good to me.

By the way I’m not joking when I say that where I live right now there’s like everything: grocery stores, fast-food places and restaurants, a dollar store, nail salons, parks, dentist offices, doctor’s offices, dance studios, martial arts studios, and so much more. The only thing we’re missing on my end of town is a book store.

Ooh, I would totally open a bookstore!

If money weren’t a problem I’d want to open a bookstore that hosted game nights, and writing sessions, and served coffee and tea and cookies. There would definitely have to be cookies.


If money wasn’t a problem for you anymore, what would your life look like? How would you spend your time? What practical things would you do? What outrageous things would you do just because you could? Let me know in the comments.

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