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Some Canadian Nostalgia: Class of the Titans

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Every so often a childhood memory resurfaces. In this case it's a tv show. For those of you who remember the 2 season, 52 episode, Canadian run show: Class of the Titans, I recently found it available for free on Youtube. You can watch all the episodes in 4K here.

Greek building and statues of the gods.

The funny thing is I'd search up the show over the years looking for it, wondering where I could watch it and then one day 14 years later (this was still in 2022), I finally found it. Summary The show follows seven teenagers that are descendants of Greek heroes. Jay is the descendent of Jason, Theresa and Theseus, Archie and Achilles, Atlanta and Artemis, Herry and Hercules, Odie and Odysseus, and lastly Neil and Narcissus. These seven heroes must defeat Cronus who has escaped after 4000 years in prison. The teens also have Hera, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hermes, and other Greek gods to guide them along the way. As a kid, I thought this was such a cool concept. They have necklaces with these pendants that act as keys and they use it to open a secret hideout in New Olympia High School where all the old gods now reside. All in all, I enjoyed walking down memory lane from the 2D animation to the few episodes I actually remember. Each episode is relatively procedural, there's a formula that's followed, but I liked the characters and their characterization deeply enough to watch the show all the way through. And I liked each character for different reasons so I really can't pick a favourite. I liked that Jay wasn't always certain in his leadership,. Theresa though coming from a wealthy family, is very caring and very much the heart of the group. Odie is the genius, the brains of the operation, but he proves he's much more than that. Neil is just comedy gold. Herry has the cutest, badass grandmother. Atlanta has cool hair and very much knows who she is and her strengths, and Archie is a little brash, more of a "I have to see it to believe it," type of person. It's also funny to me now because I know so much more about Ancient Greece and their Gods and Goddesses. Persephone and Hades makes a few appearances, Zeus as well. Cerberus, of course. I just love all the different depictions of these myths and characters so much.

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