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Special Interest Week, Day 7

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Prompt: A Day For Embracing and Celebrating Special Interests. What's something positive your special interests have brought to your life?

A notebook, glasses, and pencils on a white desk.

My special interests have brought me happiness and joy, family and fandom. It's given me a huge sense of community that I wouldn't trade for anything.

I've met so many amazing writers and had the opportunity to read some their books. I've learned from other writers and developed my own writing craft. It's been such a great adventure to learn new things and become a part of communities that share in your joy. It's allowed me to learn so much about myself and others.

I now know I'm autistic because it became a special interest. I discovered I was very much an introvert because I researched the heck out of the MBTI types in high school.

I am truly grateful for all that I have learned and for all of the joy I've been able to experience - and continue to experience - because of my special interests.

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