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The 38 Most Insightful Journal Prompts You Can Write About

In no particular order, here are 38 writing and journal prompts I’ve gathered from a few guided journals and books. Some of these prompts are good to ask each day or on days when you're struggling, and some are more involved than others.

  1. What are you procrastinating? What are you holding off on doing or making a decision on?

  2. What nice thing did you do for yourself today?

  3. What would a perfect day look like?

  4. What made you happy about yourself today?

  5. What do you need to give yourself credit for?

  6. What kind of weather matches your mood today?

  7. What kind of future do you see for yourself?

  8. How do you calm down? What are some things you could do to calm down when feeling overwhelmed?

  9. Have you ever wanted to stop and go down a different path in your life? Did you? What was it?

  10. If you could sit yourself down, what would you tell yourself?

  11. What do you need to let go of?

  12. Write about three realistic goals you would like to achieve in your lifetime.

  13. What area of your life do you tend to enjoy in excess instead of moderation?

  14. What do you need right now?

  15. If you were to teach as a career, what would you teach?

  16. What is the biggest trigger for stress in your life?

  17. What are you recovering from right now?

  18. What have you been able to accomplish this year that you are really proud of?

  19. What is the most important question in life?

  20. Who do you want to be? How are you going to get there? (My answer to the above question).

  21. In what ways are you strong?

  22. What do you love doing that you wish you could get paid for?

  23. What is something you have learned lately?

  24. What, in your opinion, is strength?

  25. What do you know is true?

  26. Write about a moment you felt proud of yourself.

  27. What requires your patience today?

  28. What is a priority for you right now?

  29. What is standing in your way right now?

  30. A list of things that turned out to be very right for you, and what similar feeling accompanied each of them.

  31. How would love save your life, if it were capable of doing such things? (It is).

  32. If I had the love I wanted, what would today look like?

  33. What would be too good to believe if someone were to sit down and tell you what’s coming next in your life?

  34. Create three columns: one for everything you feel you’ve accomplished in your life, one for what your daily life entails, and one for what consistent habits will lead to what you hope to do in the future.

  35. What do you want your daily tasks to be? Get specific.

  36. To what in your life do you feel a subtle, but unexplainable “nudge?”

  37. How far have you come? Reflect on your growth.

  38. What went well for me today? What didn’t? What can I change tomorrow?


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