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The Quick and Easy Dotted Journal Spread For Client Work

Work, no matter what it is you do, is always going to be a little messy and a lot chaotic. There's deadlines to remember, meetings to schedule, people that still haven't gotten back to you despite the multiple reminders.

As a small business owner who's doing this by herself, here is how I use my dotted journal for work to help manage some of the chaos.

First, a small disclaimer, this is by no means a perfect or fully developed method. I'm just starting out and have only worked with a few clients.

Alright, let's get started.

This method is a pretty simple one. I put the client's name or business as the spreads title. Then, similar to my daily spreads, I either split a page in half or spread it across both pages. One side is for tasks; the standard to-do list. The other is dedicated to notes: meetings notes, reminders, creative notes, etc.

Client bujo spread for The Forgotten Feral's Cat Rescue.
The Forgotten Feral's Cat Rescue will be a charity client.

Now, because I work remotely and all of my work is done on my laptop, I try to incorporate my journal as much as possible, so I'm not always looking at a screen. Taking the time to plan my tasks with pen and paper gives my eyes the break they need.

It also allows me to see what I've completed and what still needs to be done. I find app-based to-do lists automatically remove or hide completed tasks, and I lose sight of the progress I've already made. This also lets me estimate the length of time the rest of the project will take me to complete - and whether or not the client needs to be informed of this.

As I mentioned, this isn't a completely developed method. I do still use my google calendar for reminders and deadlines and a notes app when I don't have my journal on hand. In essence, I'm going to continue to develop this spread and implement new ideas as they come to me. Like the rest of my journal, it's a lot of trial and error when it comes to making a spread work easily and effectively. So, if you have any tips leave a comment below.

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