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What You Actually Need to Start A Journal

So, you want to start a journal, but what do you actually need? Below are five things you need to get started on your first journal.

Journaling supplies.

1 | A Journal or Notebook

Obviously you will need a journal or notebook, but any will do. Pick a cheap one, or an expensive one. Go with lined or dotted or blank pages. It doesn't matter.

2 | A Pen

A pen or a pencil if you prefer that. Again, pick one you like, it doesn't matter. I prefer gel pens with dark ink. My favourite right now actually has grey ink and I made sure to buy extras the last time in case Midori changes their stock.


3 | A Ruler

I don't know how anyone does anything without a straight edge around so I always have a ruler with me.

4 | Extra Pens or Markers

I have one pen that I use daily and then coloured markers and pens I use for different areas of my life.

For example, red is for anything that relates to Autism. Brown is for work related projects, clients, and ideas. I'm a visual person (not an artistic one), but a visual one so I still like to have that pop of colour to keep things clear and organized.

5 | A Pencil Case

A pencil case is not always necessary, but as I said I have multiple markers and pens and I need somewhere to store them. I also have white-out, a pencil and eraser, glue tape, and sticky flags.

If you only want a journal and one pen I suggest using a pen loop or wrapping the elastic closure around to have a pen at the spine.

Final Thoughts

And that’s pretty much it. You don’t need to go crazy with supplies and you can get all of this at a dollar store. When I first started bullet journaling I used a half-filled lined notebook and a pen. When I wanted to experiment with more artsy spreads I used origami paper and coloured pencils I already owned.

This journal is yours and only yours. It can be messy and imperfect or pretty and organized, but it really does not matter as long as you are benefiting from the actual journaling practice.

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