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Brittany Luckham is a writer, blogger, aspiring author, self-proclaimed life-long learner, and avid reader (that’s a mouthful). She is dedicated to creating a space of profound self-acceptance and creative expression that allows us to tell our individual stories. 

Honing Her Craft

Brittany has always loved to read and enjoyed writing stories - however sporadically - throughout her childhood. It wasn’t until a high school creative writing course in her senior year that Brittany launched onto a path towards creative writing, copywriting, and the dream of becoming a published author. 

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Throughout her several years of writing and honing her craft, Brittany has dabbled in almost every genre from fantasy and sci-fi to crime, and all the way to contemporary, poetry, and nonfiction, (horror just doesn’t do it for her, though exploring dark themes does, so, you’ve been warned).


She also reads the way she writes. Believing strongly in the overlap of learning and that any knowledge gained is better than none at all. 

The Journey (a.k.a life is messy and things happen)

Brittany was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 22 in May of 2021. This was during the summer before her third and final year in the Business Administration Marketing program at St. Lawrence College. 


While college was a fresh start, Brittany never could shake the feeling that she was different from her peers. Different in a way that wasn’t always seen as good. Being diagnosed, however, changed the way she saw the world around her and the way she saw herself. Brittany began to better understand her skills, her challenges, and ultimately her dreams (this isn’t too cliché is it!?).

Notable Accomplishments 

Aside from her Business Admin Marketing diploma, Brittany has worked as a copywriter, a social media manager, and a project coordinator at Spark@SLC. She has also completed a placement at Katherine Burrows Creative (KBC) exploring self-publishing options and developing a book launch marketing strategy from 90 days prior to the release day to 90 days after.


While currently unpublished, Brittany has written hundreds of thousands of words, hundreds of poems, and dozens of blog posts. All in the hopes of one day writing a story worthy of being published, (in other words, actually writing and finishing a story and making it past the first draft and closer to a proper manuscript).

Other Facts (that may or may not be important, you decide)

Brittany is…

  • A twin. Yes, a twin. Get over it, (and please stop asking if we are, in fact, twins, seriously ask us anything but that, thank you). 

  • A cat person.

  • A former not-a-dog person, but has since converted and spent her college years around three chihuahuas and a yorkie.

  • Half-Guyanese, half-Canadian, (and has also been meaning to do one of those DNA ancestry test things).

  • An action movie lover and has been on the full MCU journey since 2008 when she was nine years old. She may or may not have seen The Avengers in theatres twice with her entire family (including aunts, uncles, and cousins) taking up a full row each time.

  • Autistic - just in case it needed to be repeated again.

  • Surprisingly optimistic. But will also tell it like it is and not sugar coat anything. Human beings are nothing if not paradoxes.

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