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Writing the day to change the world.

The NOTOLUX Journal Shop

Welcome to the shop! Below you can explore the collections, get a look inside your dotted journal, and download the freebie to get started with your very own journal practice. If you have any questions hit the chat button or head to the Contact page. 

Viridis Cover

The Viridis Journal

01 Gold Leaf Cover

The Golden Collection

01 I Wanna Go Home Cover

The Autistic Collection

Black Forest Green Skull Cover

The Shadow Collection

About NOTOLUX Journals

Each dotted journal is made with cream paper and has a top and bottom border on each page (images are of a prototype and do not reflect these changes). All journals are available in hardcover.


Here we have the Viridis Dotted Journal in hardcover.


The journal includes:

  • A title page

  • An index

  • 250 numbered pages 

  • 255 pages total

  • About page

Not sure where
to start?

I've got you covered with this downloadable freebie: How to Start a Journal in 6 Steps!
I'll walk you through how I choose and set up my dotted journal, including my key, index, future log, monthly log, and daily spreads, so you can get started with your journal practice and begin making it your own.

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