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This gallery showcases personal, education-based, and work-related projects.

Glow Skincare Co. Brochure

Brochure Version 2.0

I was tasked by GLOW owner, Colleen White, to update their brochure as many clients wished for something to take home with them. 

Since the bones of the brochure were already complete I moved directly into updating the brochure with the requested adjustments. I revised the copy and services and changed some of the accent colours.

I then worked with Colleen to select the photos. Collectively we decided to use the darker image on the inside of the brochure to separate the information visually. It also serves to replicate the in-person experience of GLOW. The downtown Kingston location is bright and airy when you walk in, but the spa area is much darker and more atmospheric when you enter through the sliding barn doors.

Katherine Burrows Creative Marketing Content

The Storytelling Series: Blogging, eBook Design and Development, and Social Media Marketing

This is only one example of marketing content I developed for KBC. I have also done several other social media campaigns, blog and eBook series, as well as helped design the workbook for the Business Character Analysis Masterclass.



Shopify Basics & Seller Badge

Individual Assignment

This assignment was for a Retail Marketing Strategies class where I had the opportunity to design an ecommerce website on Shopify with a chance to gain the two Shopify badges to display on my LinkedIn Profile. 

I chose to do a gift/stationery retail shop that included several products with descriptions, an about page, mission/vision/values, FAQs, and more. The screenshots above showcase the homepage of the website I designed.

To conclude the assignment the students had the chance to "shop" at each other's stores and I received wonderful feedback from both my professor and my peers.