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Autism: Resources Masterlist

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Since it can be soooo hard to find decent resources on Autism in adults, especially adult women, I thought I'd create a masterlist of helpful links (will likely update as I find more!)

Letters spelling out Autism.

Table of Contents

Articles & Blogs

General Articles

Autism Diagnosis

Children with Autism

Women with Autism

Employment and Autism

Education and Autism

Mental Health


TedTalks & Videos

"People tend to diagnose autism with really specific check-box descriptions, but in reality, it's a whole variation as to what we're like."

"Everyone in this room has a unique voice - something about you that is different from others. And I want you to take a moment to think about what that difference is."

"I'm going to start my talk today by telling all of you that my biggest fear is that I will never be loved for who I am in a romantic relationship."

"But it wasn't me who had failed the test. It was the test that had failed me. And there are women in their thirties, forties, fifties, and even older, who are only just getting diagnosed now."

"Why? Why is a question that parents ask me all the time. Why did my child develop autism? As a pediatrician, as a geneticist, as a researcher, we try and address that question."

Warning: sexual assault

"I transferred to a new treatment center that understood my aversions, my trauma, and my social anxiety, and they knew how to treat it, and I got the help I finally needed. And after 18 months of hard work, I went on to do incredible things."

"The main problem with living autistic in today's society is that the world just isn't built for us. There's so many ways that we can get overwhelmed. "

" Normality overlooks the beauty that differences give us, and the fact that we are different doesn't mean that one of us is wrong. It just means that there's a different kind of right."

"I want to talk to you now about different ways of thinking. You have to get away from verbal language. I think in pictures. I don't think in language. Now, the thing about the autistic mind is it attention to details."

Warnings: discusses suicide, mental health issues, uses some outdated autism terms

"I think it's very important to think about the subjective experiences, what are the lived experiences of people, listen to people with autism."

"Women are better at masking because society expects more from us and it doesn't make as many allowances for us."

"Disability is something that's being done to me. I'm actively being 'dis-abled' by the society around me."

Instead of trying to control the behaviors of individuals with autism to make them indistinguishable from the general public, Amy Laurent, PhD, OTR/L suggests a positive shift in focus that supports the development of their emotional skills.

People & Organizations


Tiktok is a great place to start finding like-minded people. Use the hashtag #actuallyautistic to get started or check out who I'm following because I follow a lot of autistic tiktokers and creators.





Formal Diagnosis Resources

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